1. Hey Everyone!

    Did you know about the guy in the picture? Yes, the handsome guy in the picture. He is the leader of the best group, Super Junior. He is so handsome,talented,funny,charismatic, and of course, kind. He felt sad. Shed tears. But stay strong. Can you think of other leaders who are better than him when all he wants is the best for his members (whom he treats as his own kids) and his fans? We salute you Leeteuk! You are leaving for army. Being away for 2 years. But we will wait for you. The world’s biggest fanclub will wait for you. 2 years is a short period of time for a guy who trained for years just to be on what he is right now. Hwaiting Park Jung Soo~ You are the true angel ♥

  2. Oppa why so handsome? =.=

  3. Kyumin Chibis !! KYEOPTA

  4. WOW !! *melts*

  5. SiHae Bench Poster ^^

  6. Super Junior Sexy,Free & Single

  7. For Filipino ELFs or phELFs :)

  8. HAPPY KYUMIN DAY ..! Happy 6th Year Aniversary my Favorite OTP KYUMIN ..!



  9. Yesung at Handel and Gretel

    All Images, Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

  10. Baby Face and Angelic Kyu ~

    Evil Maknae Kyu ~

    Seriously,how can he have two sides and even if it’s completely different,it’s both cute? Aish ~ you’re so perfect ..!