1. Oppa why so handsome? =.=

  2. Kyumin Chibis !! KYEOPTA

  3. HAPPY KYUMIN DAY ..! Happy 6th Year Aniversary my Favorite OTP KYUMIN ..!



  4. Baby Face and Angelic Kyu ~

    Evil Maknae Kyu ~

    Seriously,how can he have two sides and even if it’s completely different,it’s both cute? Aish ~ you’re so perfect ..!

  5. Kyu oppa’s unexplained face :P

  7. (Source: heepnotic, via haehyukyumin)


  8. Kyuhyun UFO Replies

    Fan : Oppa I’m a female seon-do-boo ㅋ

    Kyuhyun : I hate seon-do-boo a lot when I went to school….

    * “seon-do-boo” is the head of the proper guidance in a school, they catch the

    students who broke the school’s rules and punish them


  9. Kyuhyun UFO Replies

    Fan : You’re so handsome that I cant let you go…please teach me how to break up

    with you ㅋㅋㅋ

    Kyuhyun : There is no way (to do it)


  10. Kyuhyun UFO Replies

    Fan : Have you eaten yet ???

    Kyuhyun : I had lunch late so I’m full ㅠㅠ